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Margaret's Pages on things tranquil, serene and  soothing to the soul.
words & pictures)
I wanted a cyber home that reflects the tranquil things in life - serene scenery, nature's artistry, and words to soothe the soul,,  so get your favourite drink, relax and travel through the site.  Please do be patient though, as some pages take a little while to download because of the beautiful pictures used.
Ripples of Hope.

If there's right in the soul,
There's beauty in the person.
If there's beauty in the person
There's harmony in the home.
If there's harmony in the home,
There's order in the nation.
If there's order in the nation
There's peace in the world.
INDEX of Titles in my Tranquility Series.   Quotes cover  Indian wisdom, motivation, inspiration and photos  are lots of  world-wide pictures      click next buttons or on a Title
Page 1 Tranquility Ponds
Page 19 - Sisterly Love -- Friendship
Page 20 I'll Be There - Friendship
Page 2 Serenity
Page 21  The Oceans Gently Roar
Page 3 The River
Page 22  The Lake - Food for My Soul
Page 4 Butterflies & Daisies
Page 23 Scent of Love  (gardens)
Page 5 Footsteps in the Sand
Page 24 Roses (beautiful blooms)
Page 6 A Touch of Spring
Page 25 Deep in the Heart of the Forest
Page 7  Backyard Treasures
Page 26 Out of the Sky (Indian words)
Page 8  New adventures
Page 27 My Worlds Unite  (Indian)
Page 9 Moon Dance
Page 28 - Behold   (By the Sea)
Page 10 The Frost of Dawn
Page 29 - Garden Angel
Page 11 A Little Peace from Nature
Page 30 - Where Earth & Sky Meet
Page 12 A Stroll in the Park
Page 31 - Moving Thoughts
Page 13 After the Storm
Page 32 Nature is my Home
Page 14  Cabin in the Snow
Page 33  Sharing Life's Adventures
Page 15 Smoke Signals
Page 16 Purple Mountains Majesty
Page 34 The Secret Path
Page 17 The Sandpiper - a Sign of Joy
Page 35 Road Less Travelled
Page 18 Decisions (Expectations)
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