The Group Of People That Really Don't Like White People And Want To Get Rid Of Them.
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You have reached the most racially sound site on the inter-net. T.G.O.P.T.R.D.L.W.P.A.W.T.G.R.O.T's Home Page.

I am your most e-steamed (excuse the pun) host and leader of T.G.O.P.T.R.D.L.W.P.A.W.T.G.R.O.T, Benjamin David Lee Watson.

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   Benjamin David Lee Watson

   (Leader of The Group Of People That Really Don't Like White People And Want To Get Rid Of Them.)

Thursday, 26th July 2005:
T.G.O.P.T.R.D.L.W.P.A.W.T.G.R.O.T members today began to march down the streets of Munich in protest to the, what we're asuming is an all white government stationed in and around the Munich area. The march went from bad to worse when local police, dressed in riot gear shot and arrested all two of the peaceful protesters.

Ours hopes and prayers go out to the two brave members and from now on this date shall be remembered annually as Black Saturday (due to time zone difference arguments.)
Saturday, 13th March 2005:
Several members of T.G.O.P.T.R.D.L.W.P.A.W.T.G.R.O.T   today sought to make a stand within the "mostly" white (Although there is debate as to certain member's true heriatage ie, Ms. Rice.) American government. For a government that claims to be working for it's people their response was none to diplomatic when one of the members suggested using now defunct electric chairs from states whom have recently given up on the death penalty to "do away" with the mass excess of white people that have taken over not just America's society, but nearly the entire western and parts of the eastern world!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to John White, one of our most faithful members who is spending time in the San Andreas Mental Corrections Hostel.
Monday, 27th Janurary 2005:
It's seems that with the start of the year comes a new start for T.G.O.P.T.R.D.L.W.P.A.W.T.G.R.O.T. We began this website only 6 months ago and already the response has overwhelmed us all at head office. We have almost doubled our member base (From 5 to 9) and have had several hundred emails. By the way could people please check their emails fully before sending them, several have contained various viruses, death threats and the like and while I know you all mean well and it's probably just the work of hackers or younger sibling or wives, please be careful. Also on the new years "revolution" as we like to put it are plans to release several posters and pamphlets in kindergartens across Australia (Our base of operation). We hope to reach people at a young and stupid, lack of identity type   age...for their own good.

Goodbye and Godbless and ...Happy New Year!
Tuesday 27th September 2004:
That's right Lady-Types thanks to some great haggling skills on behalf of Jenna Whitmore, we managed to buy this here completly original domain name from it's previous (white) owner for only $200 AUD. A bargin in anyones language. Expect updates soon!