Good night, sweet prince

As you know, Yahoo is shutting down Geocities on October 26th. This marks the end of a great service that Yahoo has run for nearly 10 years, and I am disappointed to see it go.

I created my site in 2004, mainly to host photos. Now I had dial-up at the time and Geocities was a simple service (and still is, to this day) so it was fast and I liked it. Well, I don't use Geocities anymore (since 2007, really) but It remained a home for some old photos and various internet stuff. I must mention their security isn't the best, considering a file I had on this server had a virus in it! (Don't worry, I was using it to test on my school's computer).

Well anyway, I will miss this service, it has remained steady throughout the years unlike many other free hosts!

Travis Nowicki

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