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Getting Around the Riviera Maya
There are many ways to get from one area of the Riviera Maya to another. Buses, taxis, collectivos are all relyable forms of transportation to get you where you need to go. Here are a few guidelines on travel in the Riviera Maya.

Buses - Using the bus system in the Riviera Maya is very easy and also inexpensive. The Cancun bus station is the largest in the area. They have departures all over Mexico if you are wanting to travel elsewhere in Mexico. If you are looking at going from Cancun to Playa del Carmen there are buses that leave about every 15 to 30 minutes 24 hours a day for roughly $4US. In Playa del Carmen there are two bus stations, one is located at the corner of 5th and Juarez(Riviera buses only - Cancun and Tulum) and the other is located at Ave 20 and Calle 14, here you can find a new remodeled very nice bus station. Buses at this terminal go all over Mexico. The Tulum bus station is much smaller and is located on the highway towards the south end of town. Buses are a great way to get around if you are not on a set schedule. The bus driver know where they are going and know the travel conditions.

Taxis - Taxis can be a great way to get around if you are in a hurry or don't mind paying a little extra. A taxi from Cancun to Playa del Carmen will run you about $35 to $40US. If you are staying in a hotel that is not in Cancun or Playa del Carmen you can use them very easily with costs running $10 to $20 to your resort. One thing for sure make sure you set the price before you leave. That way you will have no problems with the fare. In the cities, such as Playa del Carmen taxis are very reasonable to get around town. Prices from Playacar into town run about $35 pesos. In town to get around is usually no more than $15 pesos. In Cancun prices are much higher. There are different zone prices, plus if you take a taxi that is parked at the hotel it will be more than one that you get from the street.

Collectivos - More and more tourist are using collectivos to get from one point to another. Collectivos are usually vans that can accomidate 8 or more people. They are very inexpensive and a great way to travel. If you are wanting to use a collectivo in Playa there are two different areas to catch them. For those wanting to go south towards Tulum you can catch them at Calle 2 between Ave 15 and 20. They are white vans with red lettering. Make sure to tell your driver where you want to be dropped off at. The ones going from Playa to Cancun are located by the taxi stand at the corner of Juarez and 5th Ave. They are white vans with a light blue/teal lettering. All of the vans are fairly new, A/C and comfortable. Also it's very easy to get on if you are staying at a resort along the Riviera Maya. Just stand by the side of the road in the direction you want to go and you will see the vans flash their lights at you. If you need one just wave and they will stop. Usually they will pass at about a rate of one every 5 to 10 minutes, so you should not have to wait long.

Rental Cars - Rental cars can be a very good way to see the Riviera Maya. Having one allows you to travel at your own pace and time. There are a few draw backs though. If renting a car make sure you rent from a major rental company like Hertz, Alamo or National. Look over the car and have the rental agent write down anything that is wrong with it, no matter how small. When you return the car you will be charged for even the most minor scratches (even on the bumper) if they aren't noted on the paperwork. Also, make sure the lights and wipers work. You can't be to careful with this process - they will get you for anything not written down. Also consider buying the Mexican insurance. Yes, sometimes rental car insurance comes with your credit card, but this doesn't work the same way in Mexico. Although your own insurance says it covers you in Mexico, they generally mean they will reimburse you for damages. If there are problems and you do not have the Mexican insurance you may be required to pay the damages before you are allowed to leave the country. If you are covered and have extra money this is not a big deal because your insurance company will pay you back. Since insurance can be expensive, it might be worth the gamble to trust your foreign insurance converge. Even with Mexican insurance, there is usually a $1000 deductible you have to pay if the car is damaged.

Also here's a few other good tips if you are planning on driving in the Riviera Maya.
1) Do not drive at night - There are several reason for this. Many cars do not have lights, drunk drivers, drunks on the road, animals on the road, etc.
2) Be very careful on Sunday - From Sat night to Mon morning assume every car you see is driven by a drunk driver. Sunday is the day that most Mexicans have off for the week and they usually consume large amounts of cerveza or liquor.
3) Be careful when passing - Passing has got to be the #1 cause of car accidents around here. Other drivers are probably going much faster than you realize - so don't pass unless you have more than enough room. If you pass without enough room, the driver in your lane and the one coming the other direction will not make it easy for you to pull back in. It seems to be a form of punishment for not knowing the acceleration speed of your car vs. the other car.