Isla Mujeres
The beautiful Island of Woman, Isla Mujeres is just a short ferry ride from Cancun. If you are looking to get away from all the glitz and glamour of Cancun for a bit then Isla makes for the perfect trip. Isla Mujeras although realitivly small (5 miles long and1/2 mile wide) has quite a bit to offer for a person who wants to get out and explore. Rent a golf cart ($40US) or moped ($20US) and take off for a wonderful day of sightseeing. One of your stops should definatly be Playa Norte. This is one of if not the most beautiful beach in all of the Mexican Caribbean. Here you can sit back and relax on the beach or wind surf and jet ski in the calm waters of the Caribbean. Another stop on your tour should be El Garrfon National Park. This is owned by the same people who have Xel-Ha. It is located on the southern end of the island. The snorkeling here is wonderful along the reefs right off the coast. Also a within a few minutes walk will take you to the southern point of Isla. Here you will find a Mayan temple to Ixchel, the female goddess of fertility, and a beautiful lighthouse.

If you are a shopping buff then visit downtown Isla. There are many shops and markets that line the narrow roads here plus the prices seem to be cheaper here than in Cancun. Plus there are other markets and shops throughout the island with great merchandise to purchse for souvineirs.

One of the other intresting things to do on the Isla is Dolphin Discovery. This is an experience of a lifetime. Each session is 1 1/2 hours long with 3 dolphins. Maximum number of people is 6 and resevations are required in advance. If you love dophins or any type of marine life then I highly recommend this. It is something that you will never forget. Located at Pirate Village.

Another place of of intrest is Hacienda Mundaca. This is were Fermin Mundaca retired from pirating in the 1800's. Not much is left of the original structure, but it is still a very intresting place to visit.

Some other points of intrests on Isla Mujeres is first the Turtle Farm. Here you can see hundreds of protected giant sea turtles. Every year when the turtles lay their eggs the Turtle Farm puts cages around them for protection. Then after they hatch they take care of them for a while until they are released back into the Caribbean by local school kids. The other point of intrest is there is a private home on the island shaped like a big sea shell. It is a very intresting looking house and is located on southeast side of the island.
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