Basic Spanish
When traveling to Mexico it is always good to know a little bit of Spanish to help you out. On this page you will find some very useful words as well as phrases to help you out while on vacation.

Hola - Hello
Si - Yes
No - No
Por Favor - Please
Gracias - Thank you
Muchas Gracias - Thank you very much
No gracias - No thank you
Cuando - When
Quien - Who
Porque - Why
Buenos Dias - Good morning
Buenas Tardes - Good afternoon
Buenas Noches - Good evening/night
Como estas? - How are you?
Muy Bien - Very well
Adios - Good bye
Mucho Gusto - Nice to meet you
Tengo hambre - I'm hungry
Cerveza - Beer
Que Paso? - What's up?
Yo vivo aqui - I live here
(good to use when you don't want to be bothered by sales people)
Dejeme solo/sola por favor - Leave me alone
El Bano - bathroom
Donde es el bano? - Where is the bathroom?
Cuanto es?- How much?
La Cuenta - The check or bill
(for when ready to pay for your meal)
Lo Siento - I'm sorry
Que es eso? - What is this?
Habla ingles? - Do you speak English
No hablo espanol - I don't speak Spanish
No entiendo - I don't understand

These are just a few words and phrases to help you out. I will be adding more in the near future. Below is a great translator for you to use for words and phrases you may want to know.





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