Things to Pack
1. Sunscreen or Suntan lotion (we recommend spf 15 or higher )
2. Can-Do Maps
3. Fanny Pack or small backpack
4. Passport and/or Drivers License and Birth Certificate
5. Personal Toiletries
6. Water shoes
7. English/Spanish Dictionary or Tranlator
8. Sunvisor/Hat
9. First Aid Kit
10. Insect repelant
11. Pepci AC, Pepto or other acid reducer
12. Aloe Vera
13. Wal-Mart Insultated Mug
14. Cheap beach towel
15. Camera and Film
16. Underwater Camera
17. Snorkel gear - at least mask and snorkel
18. Floats or inflatable raft
19. Swimsuit
20. Sunglasses
21. Straps for glasses
22. Rain Coat/Pancho
23. Extra suitcase or bag - good for packing souvenirs
24. Trash Bag - For dirty laundry
25. Zipper Lube - Great for you suitcase because of the humidity
26. Personal Cards - with name and email to keep in contact with friends you make
27. Walking Shoes
28. Shorts and light shirts
29. One pair of nice clothes
30. Waterproof wallet with neck cord
31. Sandals
32. Baby Powder
33. Beach games
34. Lip Balm
35. Small or collapsible cooler - keeps beer and sodas cold plus you can pack souvenirs in them when you leave.





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Here is a short list of what to pack when you come to the Mexican Caribbean. I will be adding more to the list.