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8 May 07

5 in jits tonight.  We started with warm-up, fish, falls and rolls.  Then we had 30 minutes of practice time with partners.   Most people covered the new "push back" gaurd pass and the baseball choke though :-) Then we went straight into rolling.  We worked in five minute rounds all night.  Everyone did a great job and it was awesome to be back on the mat with you guys!

Jared and Nick...we're really going to miss you guys over the summer :-(  It has been a HUGE honor to train with both of you and watch your transformation over the last six months.  You're both incredible people with great attitudes and I can't wait train with you again next school year!  Be safe and train hard during the summer....slackers ;-)

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-05-09 02:57:30 GMT