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15 Nov 06

HUGE class tonight!  We had a total of 18 people training.  Tom, Rachelle, Marc, Jared, Nick and Chris all came in (regulars) and the rest we new students.  We had a great warm-up (which one person left from and never came back!) and then went straight into combatives.  We covered the Jab, Straight, Hook and Uppercut punches into focus mitts.  Then we did a front kick drill into the body shields.  We ended the night with a mulitple attacker drill into the body shield and some body conditioning. 

I'm thinking we'll loose some of those who came, but no matter what EVERYONE gave 100%.  Great job!

We'll be training jujitsu on Saturday at 1pm.  We're meeting at the gate at 1230.  If tonight was your first class you will only be able to watch, no particapation.  Remember, this is a gi training class so come prepared!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2006-11-16 17:59:48 GMT
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This class rocks!!!!!
2006-11-16 21:33:09 GMT