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23 May 07

4 in class tonight.  We had a full 45 minute warm-up in the gym 2...which felt like the inside of Hades! Tonight almost EVERYTHING was two minutes rounds :-)  We worked jab/cross w/mitts x2, jab/cross - bob and weave w/mitts x2, jab/cross - bob and weave w/mitts x2 (partner got to pick the weave interval), hooks w/mitts, uppercutts w/mitts, jab/cross/hook combo - double defense - jab/cross w/mitts.  The we worked on some basic kicks.  Green belts worked the wheel, cresent and hook kicks w/mitts x2 each, and white belts worked offensive back and front leg front kicks, def. front leg round kick and def. back leg round kick w/mitts x2. 

Tonight was Julie's official last class.  Thanks for coming to class for the last 7 months and sharing your spirit and excitement with us!  We'll really miss you!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-05-24 12:06:54 GMT