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13 Jun 07

6 in training tonight.  We had a great 45 minute warm-up and then straight to training.  We covered jab/cross w/mitts, double body hooks w/sprawls x2, double uppercutts w/sprawls x2, jab/cross/double body hooks w/mitts x2, jab/cross/double body hooks/double defense/leg block w/mitts x2, jab/cross/double body hooks/double defense/leg block/jab/cross/round kick w/mitts x2, spinning back fists w/mitts x2, and jab/cross/back leg round kick/spinning back fist w/mitts x2.  Then we practiced our self defense techniques: white belts - double hand choke from rear and double hand choke from side, green belts - push choke against wall (rear) and push choke against wall (front).

Tonight was Steve's last class with us.  He's headed back down to Omaha, NE.  Thanks for sharing some training with our group Steve!  It was awesome having you in class!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-06-14 02:33:37 GMT