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11 Jul 07

4 in training tonight, two noobs.  We started with a great 45 minute warm-up.  Next we worked jab/cross x2, 360 defenses x2, jab/cross - double defense x2, jab/cross - double defense - jab/cross x2, jab/cross - bob and weave x2 and thai kick - jab/cross - knee x2.  Then we grabbed the body shields and worked back leg thrust kick x2, back leg thrust kick - machine gun punches x2, and finally back leg thrust kick - machine gun punches - clinch with triple knee x2.  Great job to the noobs!

After class Trevor, Ben and I pulled out the mats for 30 minutes of no-gi submission grappling.

-- Train hard Train real!

2007-07-12 12:16:28 GMT