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19 Nov 06

Great Sunday class!  We had 18 total working out tonight.  We covered Jab - cross combo, hook punchs, Jab-cross-uppercutt combo, four punch combo and a punch/defense drill into focus mitts.  Then we worked the a pummeling drill to angle out of the clinch and set your opponent up for a standing one arm strangle (no choke tonight though).  As always we finished up with a round of mulitple attackers for all :-)

Class is still on for Wednesday and Saturday for those interested.  If you are coming to the Saturday jujitsu class remember you must have a gi or you will not be allowed to participate.  No exceptions...sorry.

I look forward to seeing everyone after the holiday weekend.  Have a great thanksgiving!

--Train hard - Train real!

2006-11-20 04:11:02 GMT