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22 Jul 07

6 in training tonight.  We had a new and improved 50 minute warmup where we used two 5lb weights throughout the warmup :-)  Then we covered front leg round kicks w/mitts x2, back leg round kicks w/mitts x2, jab/cross w/mitts x2, jab/cross/bob and weave/jab/cross w/mitts x2, hooks w/mitts x2, uppercutts w/mitts x2, boxers three w/mitts x2 and boxers four w/mitts x2.  Then we worked on omote goki dori and hon goki dori from choke from the front.

After class Chelle, Chris, Trevor and Ben stuck around and I ran them through some sparring drills.  Each did two two minute rounds a piece.

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-07-23 02:42:21 GMT