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19 Nov 06

GEAR ALERT!!!!!!!!

For those who are looking for a gi...check out this site: http://www.hondamartialarts.com/productslist.aspx?open=32&CategoryID=54

I just looked on it and found a traditional ki (bottom of the page..."off white traditional gi") for $3 dollars... before shipping.  It only comes in size 2, 3, and 4 but a four fits me :-)  If a four doesn't fit you then there is also a "medium weight blue uniform" in the same section that is around $15....I think. 

Hope this helps!

2006-11-20 04:31:00 GMT
Comments (1 total)
I just got a complete medium weight Karate Gi uniform with pants and belt for 23.50 including shipping! Thanks for the link mike it was a big help. see everyone next sunday.
2006-11-20 16:55:37 GMT