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24 Jul 07

Well, today was day one for the Krav Maga Instructor Advanced training.  We started with a traditional Amir Perets Krav warmup, to include the SAPD obstacle course.  Then we came inside and continued our "warmup" with two hours of combatives.  Next we moved to advance self defense techniques using the basics as a basis. 

Following lunch we "warmed up" again and jumped back into training.  We covered defenses against pistol, long gun (live and dead side) and blunt object. 

It was great to review these techniques as well as see an advanced spin on them.  Oh yeah....and I got to take 10 thai kicks in my legs from Amir throughout the day.  Good times....gooooooooood times!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-07-24 23:13:33 GMT