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25 Jul 07

Day two at Krav Maga Advanced Instructors course.   We started the day out with another Amir Perets warmup :-)  Then we worked on edged weapon defenses from down stab, up stab and straight lunge stab.  We also worked knife againt throat dead and live side.  Next we worked grappling.  It started with a single leg take down on the left and right side and then the double leg take down.  Then we hit the mat for the rest of the afternoon.  We covered striking from the guard, mount and side control.  Basic sweeps (hip bumb and scissor sweep) we worked.  We worked back control defense and defense against choke from that postion with a reversal.  Finally we covered the kimura from guard, triangle choke from guard and armbar from guard.

It was a great day and I was thrown around by Amir all afternoon as his technique dummy :-)

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-07-25 23:30:55 GMT