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22 Nov 06

Small class tonight, but a great one none the less!  We had a total of 7 in training.  We did a straight punch/sprawl drill into the body shields, punch defense with focus mitts, and the four count punch drill with focus mitts.  The we worked on kicking from the ground and getting up from the ground.  We then combined that into a three part drill with kicking from the ground, standing on command and "machine gun" punching into the body shield.  We finished up by working the 360 defense and inside defense with live punches.  Then for the "cool down" we worked a round of mulitple attackers.  Everyone gave a 100%!

Saturday's jujitsu class is still on.  We'll meet at the main gate at 1230. 

Happy thanksgiving to all no matter where you are!

--Train hard - Train real

2006-11-23 03:58:48 GMT