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12 Aug 07

6 in class tonight.  We had a great 45 minute warmu-up which including 5 or 7lb weights.  Next we worked jab/cross w/mitts x2, double body hooks w/mitts x2, jab/cross/double defense w/mitts x2, jab/cross/double body hooks/double defense/jab/cross/thai kick w/mitts x2.  Next we grabbed the body shields.  Partners seperated and each took an opposite end of the room.  Then we worked 5 pushups/room sprint/machine gun punches, 5 pushups/room sprint/knees, and 5 pushups/room sprint/elbows.  We ended the night with ab conditioning, thigh conditioning, and elbow conditioning.

Chelle, Trevor and Chris stayed for 20 minutes of sparring. 

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-08-14 02:47:27 GMT