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29 Aug 07

6 in training tonight.  We started with our normal 45 minute warmup before training.  Next we did jab/cross w/mitts x2, jab/cross/bob and weave w/mitts x2 and jab/cross/bob and weave/clinch w/mitts x2.   Then we worked single and double neck tie clinching, clinch surfing, shoulder and knee tapping, and shoot practice.  Then we put them all together for two three minute rounds.  Next we hit the ground and practiced kicks from the ground w/pads x2, kicks from the ground w/pads and standup punching x2, strikes w/guard x2, strikes in mount x2, hooks w/guard x2, hooks w/mount x2.  Everyone did an awesome job and pushed through a crazy ab workout!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-08-30 02:34:42 GMT