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12 Sep 07

7 in training tonight.  We started with the normal 45 minute warmup.  Next we grabbed the mitts and worked jab/cross x2 w/mitts, jab/cross-defend w/mitts, jab/cross-helmet w/mitts x2, and jab/cross - double defense - jab/cross x2 w/mitts.  Next we grabbed the body sheilds and worked def. side kick (WB), back reverse side kick (GB), jump back reverse side kick (BB), round kicks w/sprawls, knees w/sprawls, machine gun punches w/sprawls, and elbows w/sprawls.  We ended the combatives with 5 pushups-sprint-machine gun punches w/pads, 5 pushups-sprint-elbows w/pads, and 10 pushups-sprint-knees w/pads.  We ended the night with a round of body conditioning using thai kicks, cut kicks, elbow to body strikes and elbow to elbow strikes.

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-09-16 02:17:32 GMT