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23 Sep 07

It's GREAT to be back again!!!  Chelle and Chris held down the fort for me while I was in New Jersey. 

Tonight we had 4 in class.  We did the usual 45 minute warmup before combatives.  Next we worked on thai kicks w/pads x2, back leg round kicks w/pads x2, Offensive side kicks w/pads x2 (WB), back reverse side kicks w/pads x2 (G and BB), offensive back leg front kick w/pad x2 (WB), Wheel kicks w/pads x2 (GB), and spin wheel kicks w/pad x2 (BB).  Then we worked on the helmet, underhook and pike and triple threat.

After class Jerrell, Jack, Trevor and Ben stuck around for two three minute rounds of sparring per group.  Great job!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-09-24 02:10:41 GMT