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26 Nov 06

Great post thanksgiving day feast class :-)  We did a "special" 50 minute thanksgiving warm-up (every one was thankful when it was over so it must of worked!).  We covered straight/jab punches and uppercutts focusing on proper technique versus speed.  We rolled them into some body shield drills and then hopped to the side kick.  We worked that for a bit as well greasing everyones hips and then moved to self defense.  We covered all four chokes tonight - although we moved through them rather quickly due to time.  Everyone should review the key points of the defenses inbetween classes to ensure they stay fresh in your mind.

I'm looking forward to everyone showing up on Wednesdays.  Great job to all those who came tonight!

--Train hard - Train real!

2006-11-27 02:48:16 GMT