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3 Dec 06

There were abunch of hard chargers in class tonight!  There was a good warm-up before class even began.  We had 15 total and were able to go through A LOT of drills.  We split the class in half with three groups on one side with body shields and three on the other with focus mitts.  Body shields worked defensive front kicks, then same with sprawl drill, back leg round kicks, same with sprawl drill, and defensive side kicks and same with sprawl drill.  Focus mitts worked Jab/Straight Combo, then same with sprawl drill, hooks, then same with sprawl drill, then upper cutts and same with sprawl drill.  Then we switched sides and started all over again.  Each team got to work both punches and kicks tonight :-)

We ended class with a round of four lap buddy carries (with 10 push-ups between laps).  Then we did 30 seconds of ab conditioning and 30 seconds of elbow to elbow conditioning.

Remember you must pay monthly dues by Wednesday night.  Thanks!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2006-12-04 02:46:39 GMT