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6 Dec 06

OUTSTANDING class tonight! We had a total of twelve motivated people in for training...three of which were newbies.  We covered two jab/cross drills into the body shields and then moved into kicks.  We worked on defensive back leg round kicks (two drills each), front and back leg front kicks (two drills), defensive side kicks (one drill) and knee's (one drill).  We ended the class with some multiple attackers and ab conditioning :-)

Starting in January we'll have a class vote for the "Spirit" award.  Come ready to cast your vote for who  you think exemplifies the values and standards we promote....No Nick, you still can't vote for yourself :-)

Jujitsu is Saturday.  Meet at the main gate at 1230.

-- Train hard - Train real!

2006-12-07 03:45:12 GMT