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9 Dec 06

Four in Jujitsu today not including me....soooooo, not so much rolling for this guy :-)   We had a good class though!  We started with front/side/back falls from squat and standing.  Then we rolled (no pun intended) right into techniques.  We covered the upa bridge and single leg pass first.  Which rolled right into drills with both.   Then I introduced the hip escape from side contol.  We practiced that for a bit and then rolled into a single leg pass/hip escape drill.  We finished training with the mount/side control/north south/side control mount drill that works in the upa bridge and single leg pass.  The mats were pretty sweaty by the end :-) 

I'll see everyone tomorrow night for MMA.

--Train hard, Train real!

2006-12-09 20:55:05 GMT