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10 Dec 06

Small, but great, class tonight!  We had 9 in for training.  We covered all combos 1-7...but worked them in reverse 7 -1.  Then we worked thai kicks into the body shield, then same with a sprawl drill, push kicks into the body shields, then same with a sprawl drill.  We changed it up and grabbed the hand targets for a punch/sprawl drill, then a punch/defend drill.  Next we dropped the pads and worked both 360 and inside defenses for a bit.  We ended the night by practicing choke from the side and choke from the rear.  Everyone "cooled down" with one round of multiple attackers :-)

Class is still on for Wednesday at 7pm.

-- Train hard - Train real!

2006-12-11 02:31:40 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Great updates, Mister Sian - I appreciate being able to keep up on your classes! Keep on training real...these classes are making a difference.
Class Attendees: I envy your accessibility to thess classes - I'm not close to GF :-(
Make the most of it; your involvement makes or breaks each session!
2006-12-12 17:29:44 GMT
Thanks Jim! I appreciate your comments.

For all of you who don't know, Jim has been training with me since 1996. He can give you all kinds of "horror stories" about training with me :-) He was a visitor to JJ class in Novemeber and rolled with us for a bit.

--Michael Sian
2006-12-12 17:38:29 GMT