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20 Dec 06

Six in class tonight, with one noob :-)  We started with an easy (wink...not really) warm up to get the blood flowing.  Then we covered jab/cross into the mitts, hooks into mitts, uppercutts into mittsand then machine gun punches.  From there we transitioned into drills with the body shields.  First was machine guns with a sprawl, elbows with a sprawl, knees with a sprawl and lastly push kicks with a sprawl.  We finished the night with a round of mulitple attackers and some body conditioning. 

For those of you not in class tonight, you missed it.  Even I did a round of multiple attackers :-)

There's no class until the Wednesday after Christmas (27 Dec 06). 

-- Train hard - Train real!

2006-12-21 04:24:03 GMT