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27 Dec 06

Just Chris and me in class tonight.  You guys missed out...my holiday gift was a warm-up with no sprint drills!  Sucks to be you :-)  We worked all four self defense techniques, choke from front - one and two hand pluck, choke from side and choke from rear.  We broke each one down in to basic sets of movements to better understand the technique as a whole.  Then we did 360 defense using the focus mitts, 360 defense/punch drill with mitts, 360 defense/jab-cross punch with mitts, jab/cross/front kick with mitts and finally jab/cross/round kick with mitts.  We finished up with two rounds of ab conditioning and five thai kicks into each thigh.  I even let Chris give me two extra per leg after everthing was done.  I'm a giver...what can I say.

Jujitsu is Saturday.  Hope to see you there!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2006-12-28 03:58:06 GMT