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5 Jan 07


All, since services has taken over the contract I must address the new payment method and issues.  Monthly payments must be made to the front desk of the gym the FIRST class of every month.  I no longer control this so I can not give extentions to anyone...period.  I must turn in a roster of everyone who attends the class along with the complete class roster....every night we train.  The services personnel compare that to the known payments and when it doesn't add up I get called about it.  So, from now on you must present a payment reciept to me before the first class of the month or you will not be able to train - period

I hope you guys understand.  Using the gym facilities on base allows me to keep the price significantly lower than I would normally charge becuase I do not have to pay for the space, utilities or advertising.  However, the trade off is that I must allow the Services Squadron to manage the contract.  There facilities...there rules.  I appreciate all your help on this one.  Please be prepared to give me a payment reciept on Sunday BEFORE training begins or I have to ask you to sit out training (and actually leave the facilities). 

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-01-05 15:01:51 GMT