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7 Jan 07

There was 16 in class tonight.  We had a great 50 minute warm-up and then right into training.  We covered Jab/Straight (or combo 1) into the mitts,  Jab/Straight plus defense drill into mitts, 360 defense drill with mitts, 360 defense plus one counter into mitts and then 360 defense with two punch counter into mitts.  Then we dropped the mitts and picked up some body shields.  We covered regular punches with a sprawl, machine gun punches with a sprawl, knees with a sprawl and lastly front kicks with a sprawl.  To end the night we did five minutes of sprint drills by special request from Tom Z. :-)  Thanks Tom - hee hee!  I threw in some ab conditioning just for good measure and we called it a night.

For those in jujitsu we'll have a training session on Tuesday at 8pm, gym 2 becuase I will be out of town on Saturday. 

See you all on Wednesday night!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-01-08 02:41:36 GMT