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10 Jan 07

16 in class tonight.  We lost three after the warm-up though!  We started off with a 45 minute warm-up which really crushed the noobs :-)  Then we jumped right into kicks.  We covered the defensive back leg front kicks (both sides) with pads, defensive front leg front kick (boths sides) with pads, round kicks (both sides) with pads and side kick (both sides) with pads.  Then we did a knee drill with sprawl and a machine gun punch drill with a sprawl.  We ended the night with round of 1 minute multiple attackers which everyone had a chance to do. 

Congrats to the one noob who made it through the workout intact :-)

Remember there is no jujitsu on Saturday as I will be in Bismarck.

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-01-11 04:08:10 GMT