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13 Jan 07

Hello from Bismarck, ND!  Rolled with Jim M. today.  We covered the upa, single leg pass and hip escape.  Then we put them into a couple drills: upa/single leg pass/mount and single leg pass/guard.  We also covered a couple of chokes and joint locks during the training.  We worked on the front leaning choke from the mount, rear naked choke and bar arm choke from back control, figure four from side control and the straight arm bar from mount.  It was a great 2 hour session were we both got a lot of mat time in. 

Jim has identified an Uke for training out here.  I had a chance to meet him last night and he's a very excited, motivated and HOLY CRAP strong guy.  He'll be a good addition to the training team and I hope to get both he and Jim up to GF for some mat time soon!

I'll be back in town for class tomorrow so get ready to sweat!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-01-13 21:46:49 GMT
Comments (2 total)
Thanks for a great training session Mr. Sian! I look forward to our next session, and truly appreciate the resources you have provided for further ongoing training.
Jim M.
2007-01-15 14:12:47 GMT
Anytime Jim! Hopefully we can get you back up here for some class and mat time with the Grand Forks group. Let me know how the Uke identification project is going :-)

--Michael Sian
2007-01-16 15:43:33 GMT