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14 Jan 07

22 in class tonight!  We started with a great 50 minute warm-up then jumped into a split training class.  On one side we had five body shields and on the other was five sets of hand targets.  The body shields worked machine gun punches w/sprawl, knees w/sprawl, round kicks w/sprawls and defensive back leg front kicks w/sprawl.  Hand targets worked jab/straight combo w/sprawl, hooks w/sprawl, upper-cutts w/sprawl and the four count (or Combo #5) w/sprawl.  Then we finished with kicks and movement on the ground into body shields.  Everyone ended the night with two rounds of ab conditioning :-)

Jujitsu on Tuesday at 8pm, remember your gi.

-- Train hard - Train Real

2007-01-15 03:33:57 GMT