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23 Jan 07

5 in jujitsu tonight.  We started with fish, falls and rolls.  Then we practiced two new drills; the kneeling arm pull and the kneeling pummel drills.  The we worked on the guard work drill, top control drill and the knee ride drill.  After that we learned the figure four lock from side control (focusing on position before submission ).  To the end the night we did 15 minutes of scramble drills (timed rounds) using differant partners each round.  Everyone did a great job tonight and your transitions are coming along nicely! See you tomorrow night for S.I.C.K.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot to give Jared the "honorable mention atta-boy" for his new mat configuration tonight :-)  It was the best design yet and held up beautifully!  Why to go meathead!!! :-)

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-01-24 04:14:26 GMT