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28 Jan 07

16 in class tonight with three noobs.  We started with "brisk" 50 minute warm-up before techniques.  Tonight we covered the jab/cross with mitts, three count drill with mitts and four count drill with mitts.  Then we dropped the mitts and worked 360 defenses with no pads and inside defenses with no pads focusing on proper arm placement and moving into the block.  After that we picked the mitts back up and worked a jab/cross plus 360 defense drill.  Next we worked defensive front and back leg front kicks into the body shields and offensive back leg front kicks into the body shield.  To end the night we practiced defense against a front choke using the one and two hand pluck defense.

Good job noobs!  Way to hang in there.

--Train hard - Train real!

2007-01-29 02:41:39 GMT