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12 Feb 07

14 in class tonight.  We had the usual 45 minute warm-up to get everyone going.  Then we worked jab/cross into the mitts with sprawl, hooks into the mitts with bizerk,  uppercutts into the mitts with sprawl, punch and defense drill and then a punch/counter drill.  Next we picked up the body shields and worked machine gun punches with sprawl, round kicks with bizerk, elbows with sprawls, knees with bizerk, off/def back leg front kicks into the pads, palm heels with sprawl and side kicks into the pads. We ended the night with a round of multiple attackers and then ab and thigh conditioning.  Great job everyone! 

See you on V-day...for those who are hardcore ;-)

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-02-12 13:07:00 GMT