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18 Feb 07

14 in class tonight.  We started with an "easy" 45 minute post V-day warm-up for all those who decided to celebrate instead of train :-)  Then we covered Jab/cross w/mitts,  jab/cross sprawl drill w/mitts, jab/cross double defense w/mitts and jab/cross defend drill w/mitts.  Next we grabbe the body shields and worked knees w/pads, #1 elbow w/pads, #2 elbow w/pads, #3 elbow w/pads, machine gun punches w/pads, thrust kicks w/pads, thrust kicks - machine gun punches w/pad, thrust kick - triple knee strike w/pad, thrust kick - triple knee - machine gun punches w/pads and lastly thrust kick - machine gun punches - triple knees w/pad.  Can you tell what my theme was tonight - hee hee.  Great job everyone!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-02-19 02:58:16 GMT