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25 Feb 07

12 in training tonight, with one noob!  We had a great post "Mike's TDY" 50 minute warm-up.  Next we worked jab/cross w/mitts, jab/cross w/sprawls, hooks w/mitts, hooks w/sprawls, uppercutts w/ mitts, uppercutts w/sprawls, four count drill w/mitts,  jab/cross w/defense drill, jab/cross with 1 -1/2 defense drill, and combo number 3.  Then we picked up the body shields and worked machine gun punches w/sprawl, knees w/pad, elbows w/sprawl, round kicks w/pad, machine gun punches w/sprawl again, back and front leg front kicks w/pads, and lastly we worked front thrust kicks w/pad.  We ended the night with elbow, ab, shin, and thigh conditioning.   Great job everyone!  It was great to be back in the class again :-)

--  Train hard - Train real!

2007-02-26 04:02:55 GMT