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7 Mar 07

10 in class tonight.  We started out with a great 45 minute warm-up.  Next we worked jab/cross with mitts (each partner timed the mitts to work on the punchers timing and recognition), jab/cross - sprawl dril with mitts, hooks with mitts, hooks -sprawl drill with mitts, uppercutts with mitts and uppercuts - sprawl with mitts.  Then we dropped the mitts and grabbed some pads.  We worked machine gun punches (whites) and palm heels (greens), body uppercutts (whites) and hammer fists (greens), elbow stirks into pads (all), back and front leg front kicks (whites) and cresent kicks (greens), defensive side kicks (whites) and back reverse side kicks (greens). 

Great job everyone!  See you Sunday :-)

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-03-08 03:29:44 GMT