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14 Mar 07

10 in class tonight.  We had our usual 45 minute warm-up.  We had a 10 minute after the warm-up as we waited for room A to open up.  Sooooo, after we started again we picked up the body shields to spike the heart rate again.  We worked machine gun puches w/sprawl, Knee's into the pads w/sprawl and Elbows into the pads w/sprawl.  Next we picked up the focus mitts.  We covered Jab/cross w/movement, jab/cross - double defense w/movement, Jab/cross - double defense - clinch w/ movement, and lastly jab/cross - double defense  - clinch - clinch defense w/movement.  Then we dropped the body shields and the white belts worked kicks from the ground and kicks from ground/standup machine gun punches/kicks from ground drill and the green belts pulled out the mats and worked upa reversals while mounted and single leg passes.  Then the greens put both together for a cool drill.

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-03-15 23:33:02 GMT