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21 Mar 07

6 in class tonight.  We had our usual 45 minute warmup to start off.  Then we worked jab/cross w/mitts twice, jab/cross - defense w/mitts twice, hooks w/mitts (white) and hammers w/mitts (green) twice, uppercutts w/mitts (white) and backfists w/mitts (green) twice.  Then we picked up the body shields and worked knees into the pad, defensive side kick (white) and offensive sidekick (green), and defensive roundkicks (white) and offensive roundkicks (green).  Next we dropped all the pads and pulled out the grappling mats.  Everyone got a chance roll.  We covered upa reversal, punch defense w/upa reversal, and two hand choke defense w/upa reversal.  GREAT job everyone!

After class Chris, Trevor and I stayed around to spar.  Well, Chris and Trevor did anyway...I was broke and only coached :-)

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-03-23 12:40:22 GMT