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25 Mar 07

10 in class tonight.  We had a great 45 minute warmup before our training started.  Tonight we worked on defense drills w/mitts, defend - jab/cross punch w/mitts, defend - jab cross - thigh kick w/mitts, one arm defense w/mitts, one arm double defense - double punch w/mitts, one eye double defense - double punch w/mitts.  Next we picked up the body shields and worked elbows w/sprawls, knees w/sprawls and machine gun punches w/srpawls.  Then we covered all four self-defense techniques (white and green belts). 

After class Trevor and Tony stuck around for some sparring time.  Trevor did a great job of staying aggressive and coming back from a twisted ankle.  Tony did a great job of shooting in and setting up for take downs (must work my clinch range more to spar with Tony - hee hee).  Thanks for the workout guys, you both were great!

Congrats to Tony and family for the addition of their newest baby girl - Cadence Rose (sorry if I didn't spell it right Tony!).

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-03-26 03:22:39 GMT