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12 Nov 06

Another good one tonight.  We had Rachelle, Shana, Chris W., Marc K. (new student), Jared S. (new student) and Nick J. (new student) in class.  We covered the jab/straight punch, hook  and upper cutt into focus mitts.  Then we worked on the front kick, tai kick and knee strike in to the pad.  We integrated some drills into the night as well, with a sprawl punching drill and a bizerk punching drill.  We ended the night with a round of mulitple attackers for everyone :-)

No sparring tonight.  We have class again on Wednesday 7 - 9pm.  I'm looking for those interested in a 1 hour ground and pound beginner jujitsu class on Saturday.  Email me if you're interested.

2006-11-13 03:09:06 GMT