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4 Apr 07

8 in class tonight.  We had the usual 45 minute warmup to start off the evening.  Next we worked jab/cross w/mitts,  jab-jab/cross with mitts, jab/cross - double defense w/mitts, jab/cross - double defense - jab/cross, jab/cross - multiple defenses - jab/cross w/mitts, combos 5 and 7 (whites) and combos 1 and 2 (green).  Next we grabbed the body shields and worked defensive side kick twice  (whites) and back reverse side kick and offensive side kick (greens), thai kick (whites) and offensive back leg round kicks (green).  Next we drug out the mats and worked upa reversal, punch defense - arm trap - upa, and choke defense - upa reversal.

Congratulations to Julie Dewine for her promotion to Green Belt tonight!  You truly deserve it Julie!!!

Class is still on for Sunday for all those in the area.

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-04-05 03:02:57 GMT