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11 Apr 07

6 in class tonight.  We had a great 45 minute warmup before we starting training techniques.  Next we worked machine gun punches w/pad, machine gun punches - sprawl drill w/pad, hammer fists w/pad, hammer fists - sprawl drill w/pad, front thrust kicks w/pad, rear thrust kicks w/pad, back leg defensive round kick (whites) offensive back leg round kick (greens) w/pad, and defensive side kick (whites) offensive side kick (greens) w/pad.  Then we pulled out the mats and worked single leg pass, basic circut drill (upa - single leg pass - mount), hip escape and guard work drill (single leg pass - hip escape - guard).  Great job to everyone who showed up for training tonight!

-- Train hard - Train real!

2007-04-12 03:23:39 GMT