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The Travellists- A Novel
Free MP3 DownloadsYep, it's come to this. My own crap Geocities page flogging my crap novel. After 160 odd rejection slips (i.e recycled beer cartons with "NO" stamped on them) I have finally succumbed to the inevitable.

However it wasn't always like this. The Travellists was once marketed by a reputable Sydney literary agent and an Australian film director based in LA even wanted a film option.  He'd  actually made movies and won awards, but he never fronted up with the $10 to seal the contract! Oh well, I guess he either lost interest, died or both. But then that happens to dead people. My mother's corpse doesn't care what friggin' channel we watch!

So this is how it goes. You can download the synopsis, concept and other BS docs for those movie execs with the attention span of a mongoose on speed. You can read the pdf'd sample. But after that I want commitment from you people. Like remuneration you know.  "How much?" I hear your mental echo.  What's my price?

Well, more than you can imagine. Or even more than I can imagine. In fact more than any of us could imagine if we were imagining what each of us could imagine the other imagining. I hope that's clear.
Free MP3 Downloads
High Concept
In return for a giga-sh*t-load of money I offer unbridled artistic license. Dung beetles have more maternal instict than I have for this book.

So what are you waiting for? I'm just waiting for the cheque to clear...
Sample Chapters
1.8M pdf
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