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      Why would I make a page of travel photos when there are so many other pages with pictures of people's families at the Grand Canyon, you ask yourself? Well, simple. If you're online looking for pictures of the Grand Canyon, it's hard to find one without someone's family in it. I've done quite a bit of traveling, and I love taking landscape and scenery photos but hate photographing people. So, what I've ended up with is a very large collection of pretty photos of tourist attractions. So, this webpage will act as sort of an archive of these photos. My hope is, if you're looking for a photo of a famous place, you'll find it here. And if you're not looking for something specific, at least you'll have a lot of eye-candy. Plus, all of my photos are scanned in 32-bit color and are compressed with high-quality compression so you won't be looking at a 256-color GIF of the Grand Canyon.

      You may use any photo on this site in any way you want, but if a lot of people are going to see it, put me (JT Hooker) in the credits. Plus, I'd like to know about it, just out of curiousity.


Items without links are coming soon.

      Coming Soon: I'm going to be taking a trip to Asia soon, starting with a job in Bangalore, India for a few months. I'll then be working in Chengdu, China for another several months, and then hopefully traveling around all of Asia and Eastern Europe. This trip should more than double the number of photos on this site, not to mention the number of different places covered. For details on my trip (still in the works) check out my planning page. Addendum: I'm just now leaving India for Kathmandu. I have just started uploading my new photos above. They're the ones marked (NEW). I should reach Hong Kong in two or three weeks, where I may have a chance to scan in some photos of Kathmandu and Bangkok. In the meantime, enjoy.

      Also Coming Soon: A Wallpaper Section will be put up, as soon as I get around to it. I'll pick the best few pictures here and put them up for download as zipped, 1600x1200 BMPs. My monitor doesn't actually support 1600x1200, but I figure I'll put them up as the highest possible desktop resolution, and when they're used they'll look good when shrunk to any desktop size. Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP will shrink them for you, Windows 95 users will have to use a graphics program to shrink them. The Bitmap format is a huge one, but it is the default format for Windows wallpapers and it is non-lossy, which means it will be high quality. If you want to suggest your favorite picture for inclusion in the Wallpaper Section, or if you want to demand I add Mac or Unix formats (I can make XPMs, but what does Mac use?) email me.

      All photos on this website are stored in JPEG format with a compression level of 6 (High Quality) and 3 progressive compression passes. All photos have a minimum width of 640 for horizontal pictures, and a minimum height of 768 for vertical pictures. These stats put these pictures far above the average quality of web photos. Following is an example comparisson between one of the photos on this site with an identical photo found elsewhere on the web. (Altavista image search.) The photo on the left, downloaded from the web, was at an original resolution of 325x250. The bottom portion of the image was selected and blown up to match the example resolution of 256x256. Notice the excessive jpeging artifacts. The image on the right is on this site at an original resolution of 544x768. Approximately the same area of the photograph was selected and reduced in resolution to match the example resolution of 256x256. Notice the deeper colors and crisper lines with no distortion.
Low quality internet photo of the Fountain at Tivoli Gardens at night.My photograph of the Fountain at Tivoli Gardens at night.

      All of the photo pages on this site were created with a program I wrote called FotoShow. This program will catalogue all of the photos in a directory, allow you to write names and descriptions for each of them, let you organize them in your prefered order in real time, and will generate HTML pages which you may then edit to make any necessary additions. To download Version 1.0 of FotoShow by VideoWorks (instructions included) Click Here [17.1Kb].
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