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aka Bailey & Assoc.
aka National Resorts
aka Casablanca Express
aka National Acceptance Corporation
aka First National Acceptance
aka National Resorts
aka Resort Express
aka River's Edge Resort
aka Winner's Circle of Chicago
aka Lincoln Towncar Giveaway
aka Major Prize Winner
aka National Resorts Corporation
aka New Horizons Travel
aka R M G
aka Resort Access
aka Summit Group Travel
aka Winner's Circle
aka Coast to Coast

Are you receiving harassing phone calls from First National Acceptance Corp. regarding your payments to one of the above scam companies?

Are you paying for a travel membership to one of the above scam companies?

Well STOP! Mr. Bailey has been scamming people for over 15 years. He starts a new company (in name only) then uses high-pressure sales tactics to get you to join his travel scam program. Then when he's been sued enough times, he files for bankruptcy. Last time was in 1995. Now he's done it again in Sep. 2001. Using this tactic, he doesn't have to pay the people that sued him and won. But the poor suckers that still owe money are stuck still owing! He is using the law to PROTECT HIMSELF!!!

The only way to put a stop to this scam and Mr. Bailey once and for all, is if everyone just stops paying! This way he'll be really bankrupt and without the funds to continue his scamming or pay for the lawyers that help him get out of trouble.

But you must also file complaints with the FTC, the Better Business Bureau and state Attorney Generals offices. This way every state AG has numerous complaints and eventually they will legally shut down Mr. Bailey... hopefully for good.

Here are some links to state AG's and Better Business Bureau offices regarding Bailey & Associates.

Idaho Attorney General
"(Boise) - Attorney General Al Lance announced today he has negotiated refunds for consumers as part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed against a Boise travel membership club. Named in the lawsuit were Malcolm Renner, Alan Lewis Beers, David Deutsch, and Executive Travel Marketing of Idaho, Inc., doing business as New Horizons Travel Club. Lance's Consumer Protection Unit filed the suit on July 21, 1997, after investigating 11 consumer complaints about New Horizons Travel Club."

Missouri Attorney General
"March 7, 2001 Nixon obtains court order requiring travel club to provide more than $530,000 in refunds and forgiveness of consumer debt"

Better Business Bureau
BBB Files Suit Against a Vacation and Travel Club Company
"August 2, 2000, St. Louis, MO - The Better Business Bureau in St. Louis and its umbrella organization, the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB), Arlington, VA, today (Wednesday, Aug. 2,) filed suit in U.S. District Court here, charging a vacation and travel club company with counterfeiting BBB trademarks, using false BBB reports to mislead consumers, and falsely implying membership in the BBB."

Better Business Bureau of Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois
Business Report for Bailey & Associates

Better Business Bureau of the Greater Kansas City area
BBB Reliability Report for New Horizons

Better Business Bureau of central Indiana

BBB Reliability Report for Bailey & Associates

Better Business Bureau of Greater Iowa and Rock Island County, IL
BBB Reliability Report for Indian Trails Resort, Route 2 Box 84, Colona, IL 61241


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