Multan, Bahawalpur, Uch Sharif, Derawar, Lal Suhanra Nat Park
Trip done in Feb 2001
Day 0: Pindi - Multan

Rawalpindi - Multan : + flight PIA;
   + leaves 15.30 arrives 17.50 Hr;
   + 4560 PKR (2-way, arranged through Lords Travel).

Rickshaw airport - hotel : 50 PKR

Multan :  hotel Shabroze : - 200 PKR, single room;
  - very basic;
  - hot water, no shower;
  - meals available.

Shangrila Chinese: - very good food;
                                   - rather expensive (500 PKR for average dinner)

Day 1: Multan

Visited that day in this order (mostly on foot ) :
+ Eidgah mosque (reached by rickshaw): nice;
+ Mausoleum of Shams-ud-Din: not so interesting;
+ Mausoleum of Baha-ud-Din Zakaria: nice;
+ Mausoleum of Sheikh Rukm-i-Alam: recommended;
+ Viewpoint of the fort: nice;
+ Town hall: ugly old building;
+ Tomb of Yusuf Gardezie: ask locals the way, strange, but nice inside;
+ Wali Muhammad mosque: not so interesting;
+ Phulhattan mosque: new and special;
+ Tomb of Musa Pak Shahid: not so interesting;
+ Mausoleum of Sultan Ali Akbar: - take a rickshaw to Suraj suburb (40 PKR);
     - you'll see the mausoleum from the road;
     - you have to walk 300m;
     - recommended.

Tasty Tikka has nice 'small pieces' chicken tikka (88 PKR).

Day 2: Multan - Bahawalpur

Multan - Bahawalpur: - minibus (leaves when full) 35 PKR
                   - 1,75 hour
                   - leaves nearby Dera Adda Chowk.

Bahawalpur :      hotel Erum : - 200 PKR for double room;
    - big room, TV and fridge;
    - hot water, but no shower;
    - clean.

Visited that day by rickshaw (100 PKR for the complete tour 2,5 hours ) :
+ Nur Mahal palace: you are stopped at the 'gate', but it is possible to see the building, nice;
+ Dubai Palace: no entry possible, you can barely see anything;
+ Jami Masjid: recommended;
+ Victoria hospital: worn out;
+ Central library: quite nice building;
+ Darbar Hall/Gubar Mahal Palace: no entry possible, you barely see anything from outside;
+ Afterwards the cloth market under the Jami Masjid: recommended.

Day 3: Uch Sharif

Uch Sharif:  + by minibus to Ahmadpur East: 1,25 hour (20 PKR);
+ by minibus from Ahmadpur to Uch Sharif : 0,5 hour (10 PKR);

Visited in Uch Sharif (1.5 hour by car)
+ Mausoleum of Bibi Jawindi: recommended;
+ Shrine and mosque of Jalaluddin Surkh Bukhari: nice;
+ Shrine of Jalaluddin Bukhari: nice;
+ Shrine of Sheikh Saif-ud-Din Gharzooni: not so interesting.
+ One unknown shrine.

You really need help from locals to find the shrines. On foot it will probably take a half-day. This trip might be combined with Derawar fort, because it is a rather light program for one day.

Day 4: Derawar

If you want to combine Uch and Derawar, you have to use an arranged tour through PDTC or TDCP (1900 PKR) or an other organization, because using local transport takes too much time.

Bahawalpur - Derawar : + minibus to Ahmadpur East: (1,5 hours, 20 PKR);
   + Ahmadpur East to Shahi Wala (0,75 hours, 10 PKR);
   + Shahi Wala - Derawar : (0,75 hours, 10 PKR); 
  + the total transport time was four hours, including waiting and changes.

To come back, verify if local transport will pass by later that day. In Derawar there are no vehicles available. If no transport passes by later that day, apparently it is possible to make a deal with the driver who dropped you to wait two hours.

Visited in Derawar: fort, mosque and royal graveyard : all recommended.

Day 5: Lal Suhanra National Park

Bahawalpur - Lal Suhanra : take a coaster to Bahawalnagar and ask to be dropped off at the crossing to Lal Suhanra (50 minutes, 10 PKR). From there you can take a rickshaw to the TDCP motel (10 min, 20 PKR).

Lal Suhanra Nat Park: TDCP motel : - 600 PKR double room;
       - big room, hot water and shower;
       - not so clean;
       - food available but very dirty kitchen;
       - bicycles for hire: 50 PKR a day;
       - very elementary map available;
       - helpful staff.

In the park you find four enclosures with animals: three with mainly black bucks and one with lions. A lion safari is possible but not at the time I visited the park. There is also a desert pond where you can find water birds, but it is situated far away from the motel (more than 25 Km; the path is rather tuff to do by bike; Achtar, a person in the Whispering Hills resthouse can show you around by motorbike, but he was also not there at the time of my visit ). Don't expect to see a lot of animals outside the enclosures. 

Day 6: Lal Suhanra Nat Park Pindi

I took the plane back from Multan, leaving at 18.30 and arriving in Pindi at 20.10 Hr.
Courtesy Geert Debel